Salmon eCommerce pack

What's in the pack?

The eCommerce pack is an all inclusive solution which brings all tools you need for successful online business in one place. In terms of general features it is pretty similar to what you get with any other eCommerce system, though with Salmon special touch for performance and optimum results.

Advanced Store Management

Though the admin interface, you can manage every single aspect of your store daily life. You can edit products, orders, shipments, offers, content, even a blog, contact your clients. You indeed have direct access to raw data itself, which allow for custom reports and views. Multifaceted, it can be adapted to any and your exact business model. Of course, it can be connected to virtually any other system by API.

Configurable Integrated Payments

We do not take payments on your behalf, though we may offer this option in the future. What we do instead is we provide integrated payment tools, which work with most payments processors. For example, Stripe, Paypal, Skill, Neteller, WordPay, and many others can be used. Adding new ones is a breeze. All payment processors will provide information how to connect to their system, which you can then use to interface with them.

Custom Versatile Cart

From adding an item to the cart to checkout and order confirmation, all steps are fully customizable with minimal coding. Tangible or downloadable products, subscription, reservation, electronic ticket, all workflows can be implemented. Payment methods, shipping options, taxes, discounts codes and much more can be configured. And of course, checkout is a one-page checkout process.

Multiple Sale Channels

You may take orders on the web site, over the phone, on site, or though external sales channels. For example, you may make sales though eBay and automate all operations to reflect in your Salmon powered store. The pack includes our eBayAdmin tool which allows to manage multiple eBay accounts in one place. You may use similar code to use other channels such as Amazon and alike.

Granulated SEO

Efficient SEO is key to sales volume grow. Salmon mechanisms are built-in to improve speed and know SEO issues in order for search engines to better rank your site. Meta data, open graph data, structured data are easily added to your web pages. Implementing further SEO data and requirements is straight forward.

Built-in blog

The eCommerce pack leverage on the Salmon blog features to help you deliver rich content to your site visitors. A blog is a nice way to add some SEO relevant content to your online shop, along product reviews and listings. And if you take advantage of latest V4 caching features, your visitors will be able to browse though your blog like never before.

New features release

New eCommerce features are added regularly at no extra cost. If you are insure if a specific feature is included or can be achieved with the current pack just get in touch. Most of the time it just require minor modifications which we will be glad to undertake for you. Or it could be part of a major update to be released soon. In any case we will let you know how it can be done.