SaaS pricing

This is SaaS (Software as a Service). Salmon is installed and running on our servers. You get the same advantages of using Salmon, the same powerful features at a better overall cost:

- You don't need to pay someone to install, configure, and maintain your server.
- Your Salmon is always the latest version. Security patches and updates are immediately applied.
- You can manage your costs on a monthly basis, with ability to add more power anytime.


  • Shared Salmon Instance
  • Single Site
  • Single Vendor
  • eCommerce package
  • Single Database
  • 4GB Space
  • 200GB and up Traffic
  • Yearly $360 Add to cart
  • Or monthly $35 Add to cart






Private instances are on their own VPS with 2GB mem and 1000 Mbps uplink.
Additional traffic can be purchased $10/TB pm. Additional mem is $8/GB pm.
Hosting emails on our server is $4 pm for 5 addresses.
SSL set-up one-time fee $40.

Any option above or agreed with us will be paid for from your accounting balance.
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