About us

The Salmon spirit

Whether you're an online business owner or a web developer, you want to make the best out of a platform. You want to spend less time and get better results. Having been exposed to various solutions over years, we can confidently say that supposedly basic tasks often turned out into needless time-consuming stories.

Faced with these challenges, we developed our own solutions to cope with each platform's pitfalls in an agnostic, robust, and maintainable way. Our solutions could be tweaked for each of our clients' specific needs, and eventually, a new, clear model emerged, giving birth to the Salmon platform. Despite the complex, highly optimized algorithms, at its core, Salmon is all about simplicity!

In the competitive, rapidly changing world of technology, we strongly advocate keeping things simple and efficient for users and clients alike. Making Salmon part of your workflow will please your clients, your developers, and your users.

The company

The company behind Salmon is now First Blend, Inc. which is registered in the USA. Salmon is part of First Blend's innovative and rapidly growing online business solutions portfolio.

First Blend seeks out only the most highly-skilled individuals. We maintain Salmon and prepare its future, and have the capability to extend Salmon to meet your specific business and development tasks. The Salmon core team strive to research and deliver optimum engineering.

We just released version 4.0 of our Salmon platform and we are already working on V5. Dreams don't come true with a magic spell, they materialize from strong will, commitment, consistency, perseverance. These are our values at Salmon, today and for the future.

Running your online business on Salmon technology, you can't go wrong!