Salmon - Magento comparison

Magento is an excellent product. From our perspective, it is a very good choice for eCommerce web sites. We have successfully used Magento on many projects. Salmon brings additional performance and unleashes new possibilities. Salmon can be used for more than just eCommerce web sites.

Operational Costs and Delay

Magento comes in two flavors - a free community edition and an expensive (~$12K/year) enterprise edition. Magento comes with a large community of developers and a broad range of extensions (most of which are not free). However, many people find that when using Magento, the amount of specialized developer hours needed to make minor changes or modifying features to your specific needs can become an increasing burden on your budget and time to market.

Salmon does not have a free license but you can avoid licensing costs by using our hosted Salmon service as SaaS, saving you installation, maintenance, upgrade costs as well. Plus, you immediately benefit from the latest features. Salmon modern code architecture makes it simple and fast for developers from any horizon to develop a large, complex project. Thus, you can go further with your budget.

Practical Speed

Magento uses an EAV model, which has recently started to show its limits. To address this, Magento chose to adopt flat tables for some operations. Still, minor operations often involve considerable code dependencies and redundant code execution which significantly decreases Magento's speed. Additionally, Magento's approach to increasing content delivery speed is primarily focused on an over-extensive cache system, wich sometime does not fully serves its purposes.

Salmon was built from the ground up with content delivery optimization algorithms and mechanisms, including but not only caches, resulting in extremely faster code execution and content delivery speed. Salmon also integrates very well with modern frameworks such as Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap to deliver enhanced user experience.

Effective Life-Cycle

Though Magento has made some effort in this regard, each new Magento version introduces complex compatibility issues. Unfortunately, you will likely need to rebuild your site from scratch with each new Magento version, or at least to undertake considerable maintenance. Unless the creators of the extensions that you use deliver updated versions, you will encounter potentially serious issues with Magento upgrades.

Salmon uses a cross-version model which means that you won't have to make any changes to your web site and extensions with a new Salmon release. Simply add and enjoy the new features you want.

Even More...

Here are some points of further interest:

Salmon Magento
Average time per intervention (admin) 15 minutes (Salmon direct access to data for CRUD actions) Up to 1 hour (slowed by data model loading and complex operational dependencies)
Average time to create template (web dev) 2-4 hours (MVC) 20-40 hours, as design is cut into parts with code dependencies
Average full project completion 20 hours (MVC) 200 hours (slowed by Magento's design)
Content delivery speed Fast, optimized, and cached Cached (if enabled, but slowed by Magento design)
Content pre-loading Built-in None
Content weight Optimized None
Content dynamic data Data only (reduced weight, increased speed) Full page + data (redundant weight, slowed speed)
SEO Granulated, SE specific General
Client-side API Yes None
Server API Accessible from client and server side Only from server-side
Base required knowledge (web dev) HTML/JavaScript HTML/JavaScript/PHP
Extension limitations Unlimited (generic model, OOP) Limited by model (EAV, Flat)
Version compatibility Cross-version Not cross-version
Custom tables Freestyle, including core tables Limited by Magento's design
Process sharing Built-in Rare (only by extension)
Multi-threading Built-in PHP/Server limited
Ajax controller Built-in None
On the fly logic no reboot Built-in PHP/Server limited
Custom features General, per-project basis Large community
Average budget SME needs $1,000 (incl. SME license) $3,000 (free license)
Average budget Corporate needs $6,000 (inc. PRO license) $18,000 (incl. enterprise license)