Salmon environment variables

The environment variables are dynamic-named values that can affect the way Salmon running processes will behave. The variables are stored into table e2c_env and loaded into memory caches upon instance start. You should only modify the values if you fully understand the implications or are instructed to do so by the Salmon technical team.

Modifying values
Rebuilding caches
Environment variables list

Modifying values

To modify Salmon variable values is pretty simple. However, to avoid any mistake and unfortunate consequences, please make sure you have the following in mind at all times:
- Do only edit the variable 'value' field, never modify the other fields.
- Do not attempt to modify variables other than though Salmon admin interface.

Once you know which variables you need to edit, and have signed into Salmon admin interface, go menu Framework > Environment. Then browse to each variable you wish to edit. There should be an edit icon on the left of the variable row, which will allow you to change the data for that variable.

After you have updated the data for each of the variables you wish to modify, you will need to rebuild Salmon caches so that the values are applied. That is, the new values will be loaded into memory caches without the need to restart your Salmon instance.

Rebuilding caches

You can rebuild Salmon in memory caches using the DB_tool. Go menu Framework > DB tool. It should show on top or bottom of the page you are working on. At the right of the DB _tool there will be a link to rebuild caches. Click that link to rebuild caches.

The rebuilding caches process happens into a separate browser window. As a safe rule, wait for about 10 seconds for your caches to be fully rebuild prior closing that window. Do not start multiple rebuild at the same time. This could corrupt your instance. Start one only, wait, close it.

Though there is no risk associated with rebuilding caches often, it brings no benefit unless you actually made some changes. Please be aware this is however a resource hungry process.

Environment variables list

The information within this section is directed at developers. If you are not a developer, you should not need to read this section nor attempt any variable change other than as instructed by the Salmon team.

For security reasons access to table e2c_env is denied by Salmon data access default rules except for admin. We strongly recommend you keep it that way. To modify values, sign in and do so from the admin interface.

Bellow are the fields for each variable.

- reference: Range 0 to 3999 is reserved for Salmon. You should never remove nor add any variable in that range. Range 4000 to 8000 is available for your own application. This is where you may add variables as you need.
- ekey: The name of the variable as it will be used by Salmon and your custom application. Do not modify the naming of any variable within range 0 to 3999.
- value: The value that will be assigned by Salmon for a specific variable when handling processes.
- vtype: Yet the vtype is either main, table or email. Vtype email and table will be deprecated in a future Salmon version. Thus, you should only create vtype main variables and only in range 4000 to 8000.

Bellow a list of main variables in range 0 to 3999.

- 17 e2c_prefix : pending deprecation
- 18 e2c_cart_prefix : used for cart, do not modify
- 22 e2c_cart_cookie_name : the name of the cookie, should not modify
- 47 default_usertype : when an user is created, generally buyer
- 48 getDBCsource : initial data source prior cache loading
- 55 urlFilter_Dispatcher : do not modify
- 56 e2c_files_path : deprecated, will be removed
- 108 e2c_cart_moqs : minimum cart order price (pending upgrade)
- 109 e2c_cart_moqsID : ID of product for moqs (pending upgrade)
- 110 sitecode : special site code (pending upgrade)
- 111 sitename : the name of the site (pending upgrade)
- 112 domain : domain of the site (pending upgrade)
- 113 seo_keywords : default site wide keywords
- 114 seo_description : default site wide description
- 115 stripe_pk : your stripe public key
- 116 stripe_sk : your stripe secret key
- 117 oath_register : true if allows oath registration
- 118 oath_register_cval : the user value to lookup for uniqueness
- 119 default_register_cval : non oath value to lookup for uniqueness
- 123 mode_debug : do not modify (pending upgrade)
- 136 form2email_emailfrom : contact form sender for relay
- 137 form2email_emailto : contact form destinatory for relay
- 138 form2email_usecaptcha : contact form use captcha yes/no
- 139 use_group_price : allow group pricing yes/no
- 145 allow_cguest : allow guest checkout yes/no
- 153 itemsnum_tables : table to be updated for stock management
- 162 eba_scheduler : use eba scheduler on/off (pending upgrade)
- 163 eba_scheduler_interval : (pending upgrade)
- 164 eba_scheduler_repeatCount : (pending upgrade)
- 165 eba_numberofdays : (pending upgrade)
- 166 eba_follow : (pending upgrade)
- 167 eba_send_email : (pending upgrade)
- 168 eba_new_orders_mark_as : (pending upgrade)
- 169 e2cXml_apikey : if scheduler class e2cXml the target API key
- 170 e2cXml_username : if scheduler class e2cXml the target API username
- 171 e2cXml_target : if scheduler class e2cXml the target URL
- 180 eba_scheduler_interval2 : (pending upgrade)
- 183 ad_chbox_def : do not modify (pending upgrade)
- 198 path_pics_large : modify only if use external storage
- 199 pics_upload_filename : do not modify (pending upgrade)
- 200 pics_delete_action : the action upon delete
- 201 pics_upload_overwrite : overwrite upon upload yes/no
- 210 prodfamilly : on/off, on only if leverage upon familly products
- 211 email_trace : trace sent email all/strict
- 213 email_out_allowed : do not modify (pending upgrade)
- 214 email_out_array : do not modify (pending upgrade)
- 215 picsalt : do not modify (pending upgrade)
- 216 reg_code_length : length of confirmation code
- 218 register_do_validate : if need to confirm email yes/no
- 219 block_hours : unsuccessful login, hours to block an account
- 220 autho_logins : unsuccessful login attempts prior blocking account
- 223 blocked_extend : upon login attempt on a blocked account yes/no
- 235 eba_scheduler_job1 : do not modify (pending upgrade)
- 236 eba_scheduler_job2 : do not modify (pending upgrade)
- 242 scheduler_class : do not modify (pending upgrade)

Bellow a list of email variables in range 0 to 3999.

- 60 e2c_SMTP_HOST_NAME : the mail server to connect to
- 61 e2c_SMTP_HOST_PORT : the mail server port
- 62 e2c_SMTP_AUTH_USER : authorized user on the mail server
- 63 e2c_SMTP_AUTH_PWD : password for the authorized user
- 64 e2c_emailFromAddress : the from address for outgoing emails
- 65 e2c_emailReplyAddress : the reply address for outgoing emails