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Experience the Difference

Salmon is an innovative multi-purpose software platform on which you can build interactive, data driven, high-traffic web sites. While Salmon is optimized for eCommerce marketplace web sites, the platform works well for social networks, real estate listings sites, online communities, and any other complex, unusual, or unique concept online application.

Optimized Processes

A unique approach to data access, content delivery, search engine optimization, and more!

Extremely Flexible

Salmon powered web site content, process, and workflows can be modified in minutes!

Precision and Speed

Finely-tuned algorithms handle many processes within milliseconds - without precision loss.

Version 4.0 available

Don't miss this opportunity to give your business a real boost. Packed with new amazing features...

Why to Choose Salmon

There are many unique features and advantages in using Salmon robust environment.
The platform is more than a solid standalone solution - it is an evolutionary foundation for developing custom applications.

Some Developer reasons

Ease of development

Minimal learning curve, processes complexity waved, dedicated support, you will appreciate the Salmon breathe.

Powerful multi-purpose API

Engineered to overmatch modern web application needs, with unique performance oriented features and approaches.

Amazing platform architecture

Salmon middleware and framework brings a new way to look at web app development, production and life-time.

Some Business reasons

Reduce costs and risks

Insure feasibility, completion, evolution in a steady manner. Avoid sky-rocking and hidden costs. Prevent operational losses.

Improve quality and overall value

Leverage on cutting-edge technology, meet industry standards, to deliver a rich experience and maximize your ROI.

Handle complex requirements

Xtreme built-in mechanisms enable and assist with the most complicated specifications your business can come with.