Features overview

Bellow are general features and benefits from using Salmon to build your web site and applications.
Core files have been updated to V4.0 and now include the eCommerce Pack: see eCommerce Pack

Astonishing Performance

Every layer of Salmon has been optimized for speed! Core algorithms and content delivery techniques speed up browsing - even on very large web sites.

Simple, Fast, and Flexible Data Model

Salmon benefits from a fast, flexible data access model, simplifying customization and allowing for a minimal database size, saving storage and computing costs.

Develop Sites Quickly and Easily

Salmon's extendable API reduces development & maintenance time, and only requires minimal HTML and JavaScript skills, reducing labor costs.

True MVC Architecture

Web design, business logic, and data are clearly separated, allowing for easier management and maintenance (i.e. Agile development, team works).

Use Any Web Design

Salmon doesn't require a specific type of template. Leverage your existing web design team by using any HTML-based design, simplifying and reducing development costs.

Enhanced Possibilities

Salmon can be connected seamlessly to external applications in multiple ways, extending opportunities to share and process data with business partners.

Add Logic on the Fly

Adding new features to a live Salmon-powered web site does not require any downtime, avoiding transaction and reputation loss.

Rich User Experience

User interfaces and interactions are totally customizable in appearance and functionality, allowing you to suit your precise business needs.

Cross-version Compatibility

We are committed to compatibility. New releases of Salmon won't break your existing website. Add only the new features you want

Reduced Learning Curve

We kept things so simple that you might find it hard to believe. Our support materials are filled with live examples to get you started right away!

Built-in firewalls

Additional security layers for your business information, any data access (CRUD) and file uploads/downloads are subject to rules you set.

And much more ...

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