Salmon eCommerce templates

Salmon let you use any web design you want. Just get yourself any HTML template, easily add Salmon logic to it and Voila!

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FREE HTML templates

When you get your Salmon powered space it comes with a ready-to-go default eCommerce website, pre-integrated with Salmon logic, so that you may get started immediately. We will be adding more Free templates very soon, get in touch.

Premium HTML templates

Bellow a few places where to find professionally designed HTML templates.
Like a design but not sure it's an HTML template? Ask us to check for you.


Wrapbootstrap is a marketplace for premium themes and templates leveraging upon Bootstrap responsive grids. Highly recommended.

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Themeforest has about 32000 templates, which makes it one of the largest template source on the web. A bit hard to navigate though but worst the effort.

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Shapebootstrap has an interesting collection of HTML templates. Indeed, they have an entire section dedicated to it. Some rare gems out there.

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